Wrong resin container

So, I saw somewhere on the main Formlabs site a prototype someone made that used the new flexible resin, and it looked very nice. I’ve used the old flexible, and it was not all that good. I figured I’d try the new one rather than create a new mold and pour a flexible part out of urethane.

I order a bottle (I’m using an F1+), but today I get a cartridge. I call sales - ironically sales can’t help me, I have to open a support ticket.I do. I get no reply. at all. I burned time I could have used making a mold, planning on using this flexible instead. Now I’m under the gun.

I have not opened the packaged box the cartridge is in yet, because I wanted to return it, but is it possible to just pour resin out of a cartridge like a regular bottle? If so, I can just do that and get going.

Thanks for any insight


You can just pour it out of the cartridge and it will work just fine. I’m sorry you got the wrong style of container and that we didn’t respond to your ticket yet. Today was a short day at the office due to a company event leading up to the holiday weekend so many of us were offline for much of the day. I hope you are able to get your job done and that you are pleased with the new flexible resin.


YAY! OK, cool. Thanks Aaron and have great holiday!

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