Resin Cartridge Issues

I feel this is something that Form Labs needs to address quickly. I’ve seen a few other complain about similar issues with the resin tanks. Here’s mine.

I ONLY run with Grey V3 right now. I had a tank in the machine that was running along perfectly well until today when I got a touch pad message that the tank was NOT a Grey tank??? After continually removing and inserting I got the same message over and over. I took and poured the resin out into another tank, inserted it and got the same message and both were Grey V3 tanks. Tried cleaning the contacts but no change.

I then had to install a new tank which the machine accepted. I’ll now have to wait until the resin runs down some and hope that I can add the excess resin from the other tanks with no issues. I’m hoping the tank doesn’t try to keep track of the resin and not recognize that there is more in it.

A user can not afford to throw out tanks that have resin in them still just like disposing of resin trays that the machine doesn’t recognize.

I would rather filter the resin and and pour it back into the cartridge. That way you avoid overfilling the tank which could lead to spills.

Sorry i can’t help you regarding the actual issue.

I was talking about NEW resin in the Tank not the Tray. No need to filter it as it’s never been used. The issue is the fact that a tank that has been in service suddenly says it’s not what it is.

The helpdesk is the best place to figure this out.

You should be able to select an option to change the curent tray over to the correct material. I haven’t done it in a while but I remember that it is offered in the touch screen prompts.

Again, I’m NOT talking about the Tray but the TANK. Two different things.

Let’s say that you are talking about the CARTRIDGES. That’s the correct name.
Formlabs call TANKS to the trays, and CARTRIDGESto the resin holders.


I have exactly the same issue, but with all cartridges from any resin type! It all started with the latest firmware version. Immediately after the update.
Take a look here

Will now sent the printer back after only about 400hrs of use…

Have you already contacted support?

About reusing the resin: Each cartridge can run a maximum of 3L before the printer consider it is completly used. So you can pour resin from one cartridge to other, just remove the top cap and you are ready to go.


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OK, stand corrected. [grin]

FormLabs seems to be taking the Microsoft approach, that is, everyone is either a new born baby or an senile old person and nether know what they are doing so we need to hold their hand and do everything for them. There is much software I won’t buy or use because of this approach. It’s like calling customer service and getting someone in India that has a list of questions and you can’t skip answering any questions with them.

No, I haven’t contacted FormLabs support as I fell this isn’t that type of issue. This is much higher in the chain. I don’t feel that the “cartridges” should have any kind of reference to what’s in them. That should be decided with the Setting in PreForm. It’s up to the operator to make sure they have the right cartridge in the machine from my view point. Or at least there should be an option in setting to override the chip on the cartridge.

Totally agree with your opinion. However, at least for now, we have to deal with those “restrictions” that Formlabs impose. I think that’s the price to pay for desktop SLA made a little more cheaper than a couple years ago. But that’s a conversation for another day.

Again I suggest you contact support. Most of the times they respond within 24h. In my case, after a couple of procedures (like changing firmware and replacement of the cartridge bottom assembly which holds the resin cartridge identification contacts) they considered the printer defective and asked to send it back for repairs.

Another thing: please correct the thread title, for easier future reference and search.


The tray (with wiper) gets set to the last used resin (unless it gets screwed up by a firmware update).

This is built in so that there is less risk of contaminating materials. You can change the resin type programmed onto the tray and use a single tray for different materials. It’s in the Form 2 interface and is an option when the error comes up.

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