Help with what to do about resins that have been sitting, in the Printer and also still in box

Hi. I had my Form2 sitting for a long time with Grey Pro and LT tank (cap closed on cart). Today I went to print for the first time in I don’t know 7-9 months? I’m not sure.
When it went to fill the tank it was like sludge coming out. Looking in to this closer the resin in the LT Tank doesn’t seem too good. Things seem not good. And I tried shaking the Grey Pro cart and trying to see what i could do there, where i let a lot out and shake it. But it seems like its not right. Which is sad cause its pretty full from what I can tell.

I understand the Tank is probably trash. All gone there including resin in it. But my question is.
1 - The Grey Pro cart resin trash? Nothing to really do there?
2- I have (unopened) Grey04 (regular) and 2 tanks. One LT and one regular that have been sitting boxed/wrapped (not opened at all). Not sure how long they have been around. I’m thinking Januray 2019. Are these trash now? I would guess the tanks would be fine?.. But the Grey04 Cart. Lets say I go to use that, would it potentially be chunky? Should I shake these carts and let some out before using? Or is it trash?


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