Form3 not detecting resin level.... At all?!


Is this normal?

Been printing almost non stop and I’ve seen an obvious decrease on resin level but tonight Form3 was complaining on resin not coming out, and indeed the cart seems dry.

However both the level BEFORE and AFTER the issue reads the same: more than half of the cart still full :???


Running latest preform and latest Form3 update.

Hi @bolsoncerrado,

Thanks for reaching out about this. Due to how the printer assesses cartridge fill level, the printer can misjudge the remaining amount of resin in cartridges in some situations. I would recommend getting in touch with our Support Team to narrow this down further.

misjudge by more than a half the cartidge? thats a lot of misjudging IMHO!

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Hi bolsoncerrado,

We understand - the discrepancy is quite high at half a cartridge’s worth and this should be investigated further - I would reach out to our support team as Jesse has suggested if you have not yet - getting a scope of the prints run on that cartridge would be a good place to start so the team can figure out what can be going on from there.

I too have unfortunately had the same issue. I have printed 16 prints and the printer thinks its has the best
part of 3/4 full of a tank, in the PreForm software it claims the same but is also aware that it has used 750mL.
I have had a physical check after the resin not fill warning and the tank is empty.
I haven’t emptied the tray once as the resin is at no risk of receiving any UV rays as there are no windows here.
Might point in mentioning this is that you could assume the software has made a mistake but with what’s left in the tray considering the above wouldn’t make sense as it doesn’t look like 250Ml of resin.

so is this normal? if that is the case than why have this feature if it is so far out?

Well, glad to know im not alone on this…

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Indeed, the method used to calculate the amount of resin remaining does leave a lot to be desired, The best solution for me so far has been a 9$ bakers scale, and a note pad. I like to keep solutions as simple as possible.

Hi all,

We’re aware of this issue with the printer tending to over-estimate the amount of remaining resin in many cases. As @RD_lab mentioned, the best workaround in the meantime will be to physically pick up or weigh the cartridges to estimate their fill level. I recognize this is far from ideal, and I appreciate your patience as we look into more permanent solutions.

I don’t think you do really fully understand our complaint. You addressed a small, secondary portion of it only in my opinion. Yes, the resin level is a big issue but only because of secondary issues it causes. Weighing or picking up a tank is trivial. Waiting for 1.75 hours for it to try to fill the build tank using an empty cartridge (that it still says is half full) before it will even start printing is my #1 problem with this. In other words, it’s the time delay it causes. Of course we know how much resin is in the tank. Looking back at responses to my previous post, along with how old this post is, and you’ve been “looking into” permanent solutions for well over a year and maybe even two. So, when will Formlabs deliver? Empty promises as far as I’m concerned. Same old canned, unhelpful responses. As a customer of two of your complete Form 3+ ecosystems, I’m entirely unhappy with you.

I (sadly) foresee this company following the same path as 3DSystems and halting any and all “consumer” activity to focus only on their dental line… Competition in resin printing is so fierce nowadays and Formlabs “resin” printing is so outdated already…