Form 3 -- out of resin or not?

I’m a new Form 3 user and have been printing with standard grey. All has been perfect so far. The printer and dashboard AND the LCD panel say I’ve only used .3L, yet PreForm won’t let me upload a print and shows “cartridge” in red, along with showing the cartridge in the graphic in red. When I lift up the cartridge, it does feel light, like it’s nearly empty. I ordered more resin, but am thrown off by the Dashboard and printer that says I have plenty of resin left? Any insights?

I also just tried to print from an earlier print that was already in the printer, and it went through all the motions to print, including filling the tank with more resin. I aborted the print before it started, but it makes me think that PreForm is somehow confused about the cartridge or resin level?

I think the problem you had was that the cartridge wasn’t seated. You pulled it out and put it back in. Reseating it corrected the problem. The printer should try to fill even if the cartridge is empty (or like I did last night, when you forget to open the vent cap and nothing comes out). It’ll try for quite a while before giving up and complaining that there’s no resin (at which point you think “WTF?” and you go check the printer and realize the vent cap is closed).

Thanks Randy. I think I sorted it out. My desktop has an Ethernet cable so I never pay attention to which WiFi network it’s on. For whatever reason, it switched over to a different WiFi network (the one built in to the Comcast modem). Once I switched it back to the WiFi network connected to the printer, all seemed right again. No idea why PreForm was giving me cartridge warnings, but I assume that was just a communications issue as/when the WiFi switched.

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