Grey pro resin is not recognized in my form2, either tank lt

My form2 is not recognizing the Grey Pro Cartridge and either the LT tank. My PreForm software is not allowing me to choose that material either since is not on the list. Could you please help me to solve this?


Can’t help with the cartridge but I have had the “tank missing” issue consistently, LT and non-LT alike. Usually I push the tank as far as it will go into it’s slots, then back it up just a bit to get it to read. Sometimes I get it the first time, sometimes the tenth.

I keep the contacts and chips clean, I don’t know why it’s so hard to read. I suspect it may have to do with ambient temperature and thermal expansion but I have no evidence.

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Sounds like you need to update your softwares. Update Preform and the printer’s Firmware and you’ll see the new hardware and resins available.

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Thanks! I had to push the tank a little bit harder to place it well. I was trying not to damage printer or tank. Thank you!!!

You are right! I had to update software in order to recognize new materials. Thank you very much!

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