Form2 durable resin cartridge not recognizing

Hey guys so i’m trying to print something with the durable resin but my printer isn’t recognizing it. I took the cartridge out and put the grey back in and it recognized instantly. I rebooted the machine and still nothing. The resin is over a year old, could that be the reason it isn’t recognizing?

Thanks for the help

No, it should still recognize it. I just tossed a cartridge that was from 2017… my printer read it just fine. Maybe try cleaning the contact point on the cartridge with some IPA.

Thanks for the suggestion, I will try this out tomorrow. I’ll let you know if that fixes it.

somewhere in these pages i read adding 1mm of height to the bottom of the cartridge solved problem for other(s)…

Update: I looked for the sensor at the bottom of the cartridge and it’s missing. The trash has already been taken so I can’t look for it with the packaging. Thanks for the help everyone. Mods you can close this.

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