Cartridge not detected

We went to print a part, but the Form2 said there was no cartridge, even though there was. We’ve submitted a support request, and we did a hard reset (unplugged the unit), and reset the resin tray/tank; neither had an effect.

We tried 3 cartridges, and none of them could be detected, so it looks like the problem is with the Form2.

I put a light in the space where the cartridge goes, and I could see that there are a pair of contacts that rub on the chip in the cartridge. The contact closest to the back is not sticking out as far as the other, and when you look at our used cartridge, the chip shows a good wear line from the contact that is sticking out, and hardly a mark where the other retracted contact rubs.

We also found that if we hold the cartridge up off the bottom about a 1/16", and wait for a minute, it will recognize the cartridge.

Can someone tell us how to get up an running again? We’re on a tight deadline, and could use some prints.

Thank you.

Same problem ! my formlab 2 have a same problem

Remove and reinsert firmly. May take a couple of tries but it works for me.

Hi Walter,

Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately I couldn’t get it to work on this unit. We tried a couple dozen times with 3 different cartridges. It never worked.

I should also mention that one of the cartridges we received a few months back had visible resin in the plastic bag. We wiped off the cartridge and used it. I wonder if that resin somehow fouled the Form2 sensor that reads the chip on the cartridge.

From what I can see of the sensor, one of the contact’s somehow failed to extend properly (coated in resin?), maybe it’s not making contact.

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I had the same problem. I solved it by removing a number of screws and parts to get to the sensor. I was then able to see the sensor holder was broken. I glued it back together. It has worked for 2 months now.

Steve, Thanks. Sounds like we need to install a new sensor.

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