Cartridge not detected. The solution is somewhat worrying

My Form 2 didn’t recognize a new Black cartridge that I inserted. It was not the machine itself because it had no issues recognizing other cartridges. I cleaned the ID chip on the cartridge with acetone, to no avail. Even roughed the chip up a bit, still no luck. When I compared it with other cartridges I saw that the chip was melted into the plastic just a fraction deeper than the others, the difference was so small I could barely notice it. So with the help of a soldering iron I moved it out by a tiny amount and my problem was solved.

@Formlabs are the contact pins on our machines so unforgiving that a 1/10mm variation in the position of the ID chip prevents it from making contact??

I wonder, could you have applied some solder flux and solder to add a conductive layer to close the gap?
I have had this issue as well and in the past, just discarded the resin because I don’t have the time, patience or willingness to manually fill the tank. I wish I had thought of doing as you did, could have used the resin vs not.
Next time I’ll try so thanks for the post. It gave me an idea I hadn’t had.

I got a cartridge that would not read because it had no chip-

Formlabs sent me a new cartridge- free of charge.

Thing is- the resin in the unreadable cartridge is still good and i will simply transfer it to the good cartridge as that gets used up. I will have to tell the printer to keep printing even though it thinks the cartridge is almost empty- but I find you can usually run a couple liters thru a cartridge before the Form 2 thinks the cartridge has “expired” from age.

Try soldering a little solder to each of the cartridge pins. I have fixed all of my cartridges by doing this. They are all reading great now.

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