Missing Cartridge Error

Hi Everyone, I am new to this and i thought i would share an issue i just came across. I encountered a problem with the new resin cartridge being detected. After searching the form to find out how i can fix it, i found nothing. So i did a little problem solving of my own and i wanted to share, in case someone else encountered the same issue.

At first i thought it was the resin cartridge not being pushed in all the way then i realized it was actually the opposite. The resin cartridge was actually not catching so the cartridge was sliding in too far and the sensor could not detect the chip. So I just added a thin paper to the bottom of the cartridge so when i placed it in, it would prop the cartridge up just enough to read the chip.

I hope this helps someone else that encounters this problem.


I too had this error for the first time this morning, loosing a 14 hour build; it had run for 14 layers and then stopped. Going to have to tell the client I am going to miss his deadline…
It strikes me that if an adjustment the thickness of a sheet of paper is enough to move this from a go to a no go situation, there is something seriously up with the design!! Or the production tolerances, which are clearly far sloppier than the design can tolerate.

I will try the paper trick tonight. Thanks indeed for your suggestion! Calming the client down might take a little longer…

Thanks for the tip! I’ve been having the same issue, I’ll give this a try and see if it resolves the problem.

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