Cartridge Detection issues

We have a Form 3 printer that is having issues with cartridge detection . For a while it seemed the only way to get it to read a new cartridge was to push it in really hard. I went to use it today and it seemed everything I did it would not read the cartridge. We have another Form 3 printer and I put that same cartridge in that one and it read it right away. So I went and tried it again. Same thing it would not read it. I walked away from it, slightly bumped the table the printer sits on, and all the sudden it registered the cartridge . So being frustrated I went and pulled out the cartridge and put it back it in, and of course now it wont register it . Can the sensor in these go bad? or need to be adjusted ?

I started having the same problem 2 days ago. I am also finding that I can’t get my firmware 3.9.0 to update to 3.10.2. I wonder if these two things are connected. I did notice that my printer says the resin tank is installed even though preform says it is not. I just started printing in October so I don’t know much yet.

I continued messing with it and realized if I pressed down on the cartridge it would register it, as soon as I let off it would lose the registration of the cartridge. I contacted formlabs support and they suggested I take the back off, reset the cable that connects to the sensor and clean the metal finger tabs on the sensor. I plan on trying it today.

Just finished taking the back cover off, taking the sensor out, unplugging the cable, cleaning the metal pins on the sensor and putting it back together and its working fine, detecting the cartridge.

Thanks to the support team for the instructions.

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