Stop this Form2 thing from auto-filling with too much resin

Yeah it’s a similar topic to past posts. But you know, those posts lock after two weeks. But this problem still persists.

My Form2 often adds more resin than my models need. Tonight it filled the tank so much that the resin wiper sloshed some resin outside of the tank in a machine that I have kept clean during the entire time I’ve owned it. What the hell, man. An earlier post from member Nowhere85 states this:

“My Form 2 is filling resin inside the tank at the beginning of prints, it displays " heating and filling” and let a huge amount of resin flow into the tank. Now the problem is, the tank is already full.

I usually print very small things, so I get more and more resin in the tank over the time.

How to make it stop Formlabs?"

…and that’s the same problem I’m having. I just spooned out some resin and IT ADDED MORE. My machine and resin tray now will need a cleaning after this print finishes. I mean, what gives? The reply to Nowhere85’s post said there should be approx 5mm of resin when filled - but mine has added over 1cm and when the build platform lowers into it, it almost reaches up to the front edge.

What’s the solution here? Model sizes vary but this thing goes silly almost every time. I’ve been lucky before but this time, it actually induced a spill inside the machine - kinda annoying - and I have to see if anyone has any suggestions or solutions.

Have you opened a ticket with Formlabs support ? Sounds like there is an issue with either the resin sensor or the dispensing mechanism.

5mm of resin seems a bit low, mine fills up to about 1mm over the upper line so that’s about 7 to 8mm. 10mm or mire definitely sound too much though.

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