So I ordered an extra bottle of resin....10 days ago

I sill have not heard a word from Form Labs. I wish there was a bit more transparency on orders. At least give me an eta. If I have to wait a month to get 1 bottle of resin, I would at least like to know so I can plan accordingly. You guys should set up a store on Amazon, send them a bunch and let them handle the shipping!

Oooh, I better order a couple now! I hope your order comes soon, maybe they have a priority on the Resin for shipping units right now?

Sell them here…

Same issue the contacted me to open a ticket 3 days ago…no follow up yet

Julien, Robert – thanks for putting out the word. We have received your resin orders and we’ll have them out as quickly as possible!


Sam it’s nice to see Formlabs staff on the forum.  Incredibly rare and special occasions for us customers!

How about breaking with all the rules and give Julien and Robert a dispatch date rather than a holding statement.

Formlabs are proving to be Gold medallists at the “holding statement” . . . not good ;-\

Thanks Sam

Hope to see the email with the tracking soon

Just to add that I also ordered a while back, and sent an email to support, but haven’t heard anything back. I’m getting close to finishing the first liter and don’t want to go too long without :slight_smile:

Formlabs, you need to give us some information already.


In case you haven’t pieced this together yet: THIS ISN’T GOOD.

Also, it’s probably a good idea to stop selling stuff that you don’t actually possess and/or have the capability to ship. I’m not saying you’re scamming people out of their money… but the line is becoming blurry.

Thanks, guys, for your patience. We’re looking into this and will have individual responses for you today. Thanks, Hirudin – and all of you – for keeping us on our toes :).

Thank you Sam.

To give you a rough time frame…I ordered another resin bottle on May 28th and got my shipment info via email on June 18th.

Its most probably a crazy time at Formlabs on every level right now, just give them the benefit of the doubt before pulling out the scam/whatever hate word card.   Be patient, remember they are a start-up and getting up to speed. They made a fantastic product and I feel lucky to have one.

@Hirukin - I understand your frustration but keep it respectful. This forum space is our space where we can talk, share and be constructive. Contact them directly if you want to shout at them.

Unsolicited advice acknowledged.

I got my shipment notification on Monday. That is really exciting. Thanks Form Labs!

I also got my shipment notification earlier this week. Woot! :slight_smile: I’m not surprised there are kinks to be worked out in the process – not only a new product to get right, but the accessories, a website, a store, distribution centers, etc. Excited now that I can print some of the really big, solid items I’ve been holding off on.

Seems with all the chaos at Formlabs and the manual process to refund a resin coupon for backers (if you order more than one) leads to orders being misplaced in the system.  I waited 2 weeks and then sent a friendly email to inquire about the status.  Got an email reply the next day and a shipping notification the day after that.  All in all I’ve gotten good customer service.

Yeah, I can only imagine what the atmosphere would be like around Formlabs with so much going on!? I can say this, every person I have had the opportunity to chat with via email have been some of the friendliest and level headed so that has been great. When they get a chance to breathe and start enjoying the fruits of their labor, they are going to be some seasoned young and smart people! I think we will all breathe a bit easier for Formlabs when we know they are getting on a bit, I really care about the success of this young company a ton! -j