Form 3 not arrived yet

Hello there
I pre ordered the form 3 back in April along with a extra resin tank , was told July delivery…then a email telling me August 18 delivery…now another mail September 13 delivery , and I also see that it doesn’t even come with a tub of resin …disappointing really disappointing . At least for the extended wait for “loyal” customers you should include such things as resin ect. you know as a “we’re really sorry for the wait heres a little extra for you by way of apology and good relations” . Come on Formlabs .

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I think they did give form 3 customers a free L of resin for the delays so you may want to check on that.


these guys did anyway.

Just got my delay notice. Ordered April 10th. First delay was to August 5th. The new delay is Sept 6th. I was pleasantly surprised to get a coupon code for a free liter of resin to make up for the delays. Thanks, Formlabs!

Mildly disappointing. I was delayed till mid October, but no offer of a resin tank for me, despite being a Form 2 owner as well. :frowning:

FL delivery dates come from a random number generator. I don’t think they’ve ever actually met one. It’ll come when it comes.