Formlabs Webinar Online

I just wanted to let folks on the forums know that we’ve put last week’s webinar online. It’s our first foray into such online events, and If these are useful to the community, we’re planning on doing more of these. We’re open to suggestions. We know this one was high-level and some of you who have been printing a great deal have more specific questions that we can answer in another format.

Take a look!

password: formwebinar

Hi Sam,

Thanks for posting this. I missed the webinar and was wishing you guys would post a video and here it is!

My question is, what type of resin is the orange one that you can see at 6:25 in the video. Will that be released for purchase? When can we finally get to buy the grey resin?

Oops. Lol…nevermind. I jumped the gun. It’s not a form labs resin. Got it.

We watched it live the other day and thought it was fun and informative. Looking forward to future webinars.


Glad you enjoyed it! We’re planning one soon that’ll get more into the nitty-gritty for those of you who are already have your printers and are under way.

Thanks for uploading this, Sam. Very interesting. On a personal note, I hope you’ll do a black resin.

Not a major gripe, but as one of the 96% of the world’s population who don’t live in the States, can I repeat the plea that I made elsewhere on the forum - please use a ruler to indicate scale, not USA coinage! The preamble to the webinar acknowledged that many of the audience were in fact not in the US. Keep up the good work - and I’m looking forward to receiving my Form 1 soon.