Printing with the Form 1 Webinar

Just wanted to let the community know that we’re planning a webinar this Thursday, September 26, at 3PM EDT. Check out the events page (, and mark your calendars. We’ll be streaming it live over the web, so we’ll be sure to post a link here when we do go live.

This’ll be a much more detail-oriented webinar than our previous. We’ll have our engineers and designs on hand to talk about the latest software updates, as well as best design practices.

Update: the webinar is posted online!

Is this event going to be recorded? I wouldn’t want to miss this but i gonna be at work!!! :frowning:

Yep! It’ll be archived online – at least for awhile. If you’ve got any specific questions you’d like answered, let us know we’ll do what we can to cover it.

Please talk about any new resins that you are working on, like the lost wax, or a high resolution resin tuned for 25 micron printing. Also, how to print geometric parts / prototypes successfully.

Ok – that’ll be a great question to ask during the webinar! Just post it to our G+ page or on twitter with #askformlabs, tag, and we’ll make sure to get to it. We will be talking about part orientation and the new supports in some detail.

For those of you who couldn’t make it the recording is available here. If you have a chance to watch it we would also love to hear your feedback as we plan for future online events.

Thanks for the tip about using purell to clean of any sticky residue! That has come in very handy!!