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Formlabs Comes to You - Week 8!


This week we had some awesome video sessions!

On Tuesday, Thomas from the Formlabs Marketing team talked through the entry process and his design considerations for the Bring the Outdoors In design contest!

Today we heard from designers Gary Lockwood and Kostika Spaho about their distinct approaches to footwear and design, how 3D technology influences their individual art forms and why 3D printing is a critical part of their process. If you missed that session, don’t worry! You can get a free recording of it here.

Week 8 Content coming at you!

On Tuesday, May 12th at 12pm EST on Twitch, join Grant Thomas-Lapore from the Formlabs software team who will be discussing recent Firmware/PreForm changes, and other insights from our software team. Please bring your questions and hopefully we can get to some of those!

On Thursday, May 14th at 2:00pm EST we’ll be hosting an Electroplating Webinar with Sean Wise from Repliform In this webinar, learn how electroplating expands the material palette of SLA 3D printing to achieve high-stiffness, wear resistant end- use parts. While SLA printing enables creation of complex custom parts, electroplating transforms SLA parts to obtain metal-like properties including high modulus, electrical conductivity, or aesthetic finishes. You can register for that free session here!

Thanks so much for your time! We hope to see you at these events and many others in the future! Enjoy the weekend! :slight_smile: