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Just like you, Formlabs is adjusting to rapid societal changes due to the current health concerns. As a products company, we know that hands-on demos and collaborative community events are often the most valuable way we serve our customers. In order to continue delivering engaging information, we are introducing Formlabs Sessions to offer virtual experiences.

Register today for the first session below, and please let us know what additional information is most valuable to you right now by commenting in this thread.

Up First: Dive into Electroplating in our User Office Hours

Join us on March 26th at 12PM EST for a one hour session to learn how electroplating SLA-printed parts can achieve high-stiffness, electrical conductivity, or cosmetic finishes for end-use applications. In this Office Hours session, Form 3 user Dr. Sean Wise of RePliForm will offer a detailed overview of electroplating and answer your questions in real time. The first 25 people to register for this Office Hours session will receive an electroplated Formlabs keychain!


Additionally, while he will be taking questions live, please feel free to submit any questions in this forum thread that you might want Dr. Wise to answer during his time with us on Thursday. This could be about the general electroplating process, electroplating SLA or 3D printed parts specifically, or any other topics relevant to his field.

We hope to see you there and that you’re all staying happy and healthy. :slight_smile:



I will be at work but I am interested in this subject.Will the video be available for viewing at a later date?


I hope this presentation will show some actual electroplating activities in action, e.g. chemical prep, bath, etc, and isn’t just an ad for RePliForm :-). I haven’t done it before, and am interested in learning about practical application, even if the bulk of the subject matter isn’t targeted at the DIY audience.

Also, RePliForm has been working with Formlabs parts for a long time. Here’s an old blog post from the Form 1 days:

(Oops, by “in this thread” I thought you meant this one, right here - my bad!)


Somewhat similar problem, it’ll be 5am my timezone.

Would gladly watch after the fact though.

Corona Virus - Facemask - Joint and open effort to make SLA 3D printed masks using a copper coating for anti viral properties

@qupada and @darbyvet Yes! a recording will absolutely be available afterwards. Please register as normal and you’ll get an email following the session with the info you need.

@rkagerer Absolutely understand your concerns, and we wouldn’t want to just run an ad either. While I don’t think we’ll be able to actually see the equipment as I’m guessing Sean will be joining us from his house, if there are specific aspects of that technology or process you’re curious about, please drop any questions here and I’ll pass them along to Sean to hopefully get covered during the session!