Electroplating Your Models

Hi all,

It’s been about a year now since Formlabs wrote an article detailing the company’s experience electroplating a few prints. Has anyone else tried this or paid for services like RePliForm? I’d love to see the results of your projects here if you have! Alternative methods of strengthening or otherwise manipulating parts are also welcome!


Nice post Ryan…I believe I have a few things to share! My printer is used almost exclusively for electroforming and plating processes. It appears as though I cannot post pictures yet!

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@Kuhns Can’t wait to see the photos! Are you having problems posting photos to the forums or do you not have the photos yet? Let me know if you need any help using the new forums.



I have plenty of photos, it appears as if Im restricted because of being a new member as this was the first thread I posted on.

@Kuhns We just fixed a permissions bug to allow for all users to post photos. You should be all set (you might have to refresh your browser)!

Whoohoo! Thanks @Jory and @MeghanMaupin.

Thanks! My name is Kuhns, Im a jewelry designer, glass maker, and general cad worker. Here are some pictures of work I completed using the Form 1. All of the CAD and plating work is done by myself, but each of these also have a collaborative component with other artists as well. I hope to get my replacement back soon to share more, but if you like my stuff find me on the internet as Kuhns glass. Have a great day everyone!

From top to bottom-
Calm X Kuhns
Voorhess X Kuhns
Pyrology Glass X Kuhns


Dang, really nice work, @Kuhns - keep 'em coming!

Very Nice @Kuhns ! I had a question. Did you have to apply a conductive layer to the model or is it conductive as it comes off the printer?