Thanks to John Sterbonic of Santa Maria, CA I have some excellent prints to demo

Thanks to John Sterbonic, I was able to print a variety of objects including the prominent Eiffel tower that Formlabs uses in their promotional materials.  If you live in California and want to to see these prints as well as the Form 1 in action, contact me.  We are located right between L.A. and S.F.  Sadly, you will have to wait until Formlabs’ fixes John’s Form 1 (something about a pump line detaching from the reservoir) or September when slo 3D creators receives shipment of theirs.

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Oh and here is a more nostalgic image of the Eiffel tower with the back drop of a foggy Morro Bay, CA.

Were did you get the Eiffel tower model, how large did you print it, how long did the print take and what settings did you use?

It looks good. I tried printing it, but I think I scaled it down too small, and I printed it support-less. It was a mess.

John printed it in a variety of sizes from 4" - 6" one piece models, and the one shown as two pieces that fit together to create 10" model.  I then finished it with pewter metallic based enamel spray paint.

Thanks for the nice words Mike, I actually enjoyed printing everything I could get done in time for your meeting. What were the chances that we lived relatively close and both had ordered a Form1, you’ll get yours soon enough! :). On another note, Formlabs is helping me get my printer problem resolved, it is a minor issue with the build platform connector and Formlabs support is top notch! There are still lots of people waiting to get their mits on this printer, they will be happy when they do! As far as the Eiffel tower prints go, I did about 4 different sizes. The 4" - 6" sizes were one piece models that came from Formlabs, these printed fairly well with NO supports, but were not perfect. I had problems with my printer that more than likely contributed to the failures I had, these will be resolved very soon fortunately. I could never get the hand rail to print on any of them, and there were a few areas of missing details in different areas (mostly below the first flat level). The largest one I did was two pieces, I believe I got this from the Grabcad site if I remember right. You can see the results above, there were still a few areas below the first flat area that didn’t go as planned. I am excited to try again once I have my Form1 hitting on all cylinders! I just hope I can get Mike to do some custom paint for me :). Love that pic with Morro Bay in the backdrop, just showed it to my daughter and she loved it too, great work with that! -j

@Michael. How long did it take you print the full arch models and do you feel confident they would be suitable to fabricate essix retainers, sports guards and splints on with reasonable accuracy?

Hello, John I am a friend of Shelleys. I was looking you up for her. She is visiting me and wanted to say hi but this is the only site I found you on, she said to tell you she loves and misses you but somebody stole her wallet where she had your number. That’s why she has not contacted you.

Oh wow!!  Please contact me at ASAP!  You have no idea what this means to me!  Thank you!!