My first print, and has custom supports

Hi guys, here is the result of my first print. I was not liking the lack of supports in the auto generated version, certain areas would not have any supports at all, so, I decided to make my own. I love the fact that the Preform software allows for inner penetrating geometry. That is a huge bonus for the Form1 pipeline, versus ReplicatiorG and Makerbot. It also handles high poly models well. This guy was like 800k polys. Preform also sliced really fast, if I sliced this in ReplicatorG, it would take hours, Preform did it in like 20 seconds.

I made some of my supports too close to the figure, so they fused to it. I give more clearance next time. This was a good learning experience.

Great little print! How did you add the custom supports?

I modeled the guy and supports in 3dsMax, then ran it through Zbrush to do a quick decimation, and dump put the .stl file.

Also, I was playing around with the software for the B9 creator. It has a really cool feature that will let you add support wherever you click, and then you can move the base around wherever you want and the support tip stays where it was. This will then let you then dump that back out as a .stl file so you can use it with Preform.

this would be an awesome feature to add to the Preform software.

Really nice print.



Great print - congratulations - but what’s that funny coin in the third photo? Seriously, boys and girls, please could you use a ruler (preferable metric as well as inches) to indicate scale - just to help the 95% of the world’s population that doesn’t live in the Land of the Free. Much obliged.

Hey Paul. That coin is called “the quarter” here in the USA. And yes, the Form1 is proudly made in the USA. There are plenty of other 3d printers made in the other 95% of the world.

Wow, no need to be a dick.  I have a friend that was a CSI before the show made it popular, he runs his own computer forensics company now, anyway he used to have a conniption every time we’d post something with a coin as a scale reference.  He used to have business cards with accurate scales printed on the back, thought that was a really cool idea.  Anyway a US quarter is about 24.14mm in diameter.

Thanks for the new word Barry…conniption…con…nip…tion

Thanks Barry.

For the record,  in general terms, I’m a fan of the USA and of Americans. Was just making what I intended to be a slightly humorous (UK spelling!) appeal for an international approach from those posting photos, given that I and so many of Formlab’s other customers are outside the USA.

Sorry - being a bit too clever there. I think ‘humorous’ would be spelt the same way in the USA as in the UK, wouldn’t it? It’s the nouns (humor/humour) that are different. Aaargh!

Freaking English.  That’s what we get for bastardizing every other language in the world and then having the colonies decide they wanted it “their way” and changed it some more!