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First prints


made a little robot for my test prints… decided to paint them up too.


Great form, prints and pics : )


So cool!


Wow!! Now that is an impressive print and paint job there! That has got to be one of my favorite prints seen from the Form1, if it is possible to share the .stl file, or if it was downloaded from somewhere (link maybe?), I would love to try out someday. I completely understand if it is personal stuff not to be shared though, just love it :). Thanks for sharing your work, -j.


thanks guys! I am pretty happy with the results. it is personal work, but give me your email and maybe we can work something out.

I am looking forward to making some more robots and things… right now I am doing some performance tests out near the edges of the print area and I am seeing some issues for sure… not sure what the deal is with that.


Nice work zac! Couple questions. 1. Did you use supports? My first test print came out ok but the supports were impossible to separate from the print in certain areas. 2. How did you get it to look so metallic - was that just normal metallic acrylic? Great job!



posted an image of the supports…

I just got in there with the tweezers and broke all the connections… for the inner most ones and some other tricky ones I had to cut the already separated supports off the base to give the tweezers room to get in.

Yes on metallic paint… just make sure you prime first.


Hello Zac, My address is jsterbonic at strasbaugh dot com, I look forward to hearing from you when you get a moment. Thank you for your hard work and sharing, very cool stuff indeed! -John