Hi to everybody and thank you!

Hi everybody! My name is Ester, I’m form Italy and I received my form1+ printer Yesterday: In this moment I’m doing my first print!
This is my first post on formlabs forum, but are months I follow all your topics and I learnt a lot of thinghs about Printing and finishing.
Thank you to everybody!
Good things and keep in concatc!

PS: sorry for my bad english! ; )


Welcome, and let’s have a look at the result once the printer is done! Good luck and enjoy your Form1+

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Hi @Factolina_EB.

I looking forward to following your journey. Be sure to post pictures of your prints - we all love seeing what everyone else is up to.

Don’t apologize for any bad english - I wish I could speak a second language :blush:

Thank you Steve!
I read al lot of your topics and suggestions, as Alex_Vermeer’s ones too!

I’ve just finished the print and polished with IPA and hotwater the pieces. Now they are curing in a UV sterilizer and then I will sand theme (I hope the procedure is in the right sequence!!!)
I started with the famous twisterd rook with clear resin and two little electronic components, printed with 0.1 mm thikness.
I liked the little ones, but the tower has the same difect I found on the sample rook Formlabs sent me. When I’ll finish the prints I will post some image, so you can (if you want!) tell me if these are normal things for Form1+ ore if there is a trouble that I can solve.

Again, thanks a lot!

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