First Print - Very Impressed

It is not often that a product matches up the the marketing videos, but in this case I can say that I am very pleased with our Form1+. My first print consisted of a motor interface and shaft coupler. Features ranged from 4-40 tap size holes (not thread) to 2-56 clearance holes. Every feature including lip seal bores came out perfectly with no rework necessary.

Anyone have any tips to share on cleanup? How long do you let your parts sit in the alcohol? Do you use an agitator? Would curing under a UV light improve the “soft” external texture of the parts?

Thanks all


I often use a nail file and 300 grit sandpaper to cleanup marks left over from the supports. More info here:

As for alcohol bath, 2 minutes agitation + 10 minutes soak is usually good:

^ what @CraigBroady said.

couple of fine modeling files work for me. I have been then sanding with 600-2000 (wet). depending of the part.
On that note, your part looks great. I am very happy to see more and more people using their form1s for functional pieces. (not that sculptures and models are not nice)

The tacky feeling is just the resin curing, usually I will dip my parts a few times after they have cured for a few hours. I have not used a UV light box yet, but some people have.

Thanks for the feedback. glad to know my parts are up to par from what others are producing. Our printer will be 99% for engineering prototypes and 1% to make cool trinkets for the kiddies to try to turn them on to design!