First Impressions Form 1+

Hi Guys

I’m new to 3d printing in house but have used SLA/SLS/FDM rapid prototyping for years through some of the popular prototyping companies out there.

I have had 100% success rate so far with my prints using 0.025 and black resin, I’ve used around a litre so far with no issues on my physical prints.

I have noticed that the machine attracts dust even after 5 prints the mirror seemed to have loads of dust on it, I followed the instructions on this site and clean it every 5 prints or so. The printer is in my workshop which does get dusty with airbrushing and general modelling work etc… It would be good if form labs made a printer cover preferably black.

Resin does drip from the build platform, there is no seal around the aluminium so resin seeps in over the course of a print and seeps out while not in use. As formlanbs suggest always remove this platform before the resin tank. If you get resin on the mirror you’ve had it (I would think) without sending the machine back.

The prints are reasonable at 0.025 but not really comparable to the stuff I get from the large industrial SLA machines but it is an unfair comparison as the cost of just 4 prototypes done at high resolution costs nearly a third of what the form1+ entire package costs. For me it was worth a punt and I’m pleased I purchased one.

My final production prototypes will still be out sourced but for everything in between this has proved to be great.


This is one of the prints after washing in 99% IPA and a soak of 9 minutes. These are 1/7.5 scale aircraft pitot probes. The finish isn’t usable straight from the printer but they cleaned up beautifully! I’ll post some pictures of the process I used if anyone is interested.

Cool prints. Prints are sandable if that helps. Here’s a cover just like you dreamed :smile:

Thanks, I’ll order one of those.