3D Print Request - UK


I’m interested in buying a Form 1, but I’m keen to see the quality of what it prints ‘in hand’ before I buy it.

I’m based near Manchester, UK - so anyone in the UK would obviously be preferable, and I have the 3D object I would like to use as the test print (which I will send to the person that want’s to have a go).

I don’t mind paying for the cost of resin and postage etc (subject to prior agreement), so who would like to take on this challenge? :slight_smile:


Nobody? :-\

Try posting up your contact information or .stl of what you are looking to have printed.

I am sure someone here will help you out.

Thank you David. :slight_smile:

If anyone is interested, please email me at Liam.Bowmer@outlook.com.


You might also check out 3dhubs.com.

3dhubs.com is cool. Found some printers! :slight_smile:

Only problem is the cost - £1 per cm3? Ouch!

Email sent

I’d like to add (cannot seem to edit posts?) that…

Once oriented and supports added, the volume of 1cm3 is 1.9ml, without supports it’s 1ml.

It costs me $150 + shipping and import duties ($60) at the current exchange rate that makes it £126 per Ltr, or 0.13p/ml

soooo… that cube with support is £0.26,  and at 0.05mm layer height will take 1.48 hrs to run.

The amount of work and time involved, £1 is very inexpensive - I have charge quite a bit more per job than that so far…


I agree with Edward. Sometimes even the job fails and I usually print 2 of the models at the same time incase one comes out better than the other. So that charge is not expensive at all. I charge 2-3 times that.

Wow, ok.

I think maybe the Form 1 is not commercially viable then (unless ‘maybe’ if purchased, but not as a service).

I have had some amazingly high quality SLS 3D prints for £0.10/cm3 - but I wanted transparent material.

Now, I wasn’t expecting it to be that cheap, but x10 more (or even x20 or x30 as you are suggesting) is a bit too much.