Looking to buy in the UK


I’m in London and looking to buy a Form 1 if anyone has one for sale. If you do please PM me :slight_smile:


Or Europe.

Hi Andrew,

There is no possibility to PM you here :slight_smile:

If you read this post on time,

I’ve put a brand new Form1 Printer with additional resin tanks up for sale on ebay:


The sale will end later today, so hurry.

We’re based in Germany, and we’ll happily ship to the UK

The bidding ends today, if I won I’d not be able to pay until Sunday. Would this be an issue?

Hi Andrew,

I haven’t specified it, but I’d say payment within 7 days would be welcome - so sunday is fine.

All the best


Hello. I just missed out :confused: Damn internet connection dropped. I’ll keep hunting.

Hi Andrew,

I’m from The Netherlands and I’m thinking about selling my Form1. It’s not that I don’t like it, but I try to use it to set up a small 3D printing company and I just can’t trust it enough  to do that.

I’ve ordered my Form1 through Kickstarter and received it in October. after a couple of months all of my prints started failing and I received a new one in early february. I’ve made around thirty prints with it and the first ones looked amazing, but the last 5 or 6 prints failed and I don’t really know whether it’s me doing something wrong, or the machine failing again.

I do know that Formlabs has some really nice and helpful people working at the support desk, that helped me running some test and did not hesitate sending me a new one when it turned out it couldn’t be fixed. But at the moment I just don’t feel like figuring everything out anymore and because of that my printer has just been standing around for over a month now and it deserves better :slight_smile:

So, it might be that there’s nothing really wrong, or it might be that something needs to be fixed. I can imagine it’s a risk you don’t want to take, but if you’re interested, just let me know, I can send you pictures and more details if you like.



Hello Emiel, I’ll get in touch with Formlabs to see if they’ll still support the machine. How much would you be looking to sell it for, and what would the shipping be?



Hi Andrew,

Hi Andrew,

I’m looking to sell it for €2200 including shipping, a nearly full bottle of grey resin and an extra resin tank (I will send it insured). If Formlabs allows it, I’ll also send you the resin coupons each month, which take off $20 resin bottles.

But yes, it might be useful to see what Formlabs policy is on supporting second hand machines.

Best regards, Emiel

I’ve contacted support, lets see what they say :slight_smile:

Hello Emiel.

If you can provide the serial number they have offered to check for me.



Hey Andrew,

The serial ‘number’ is ReflectiveGnu

Cheers, Emiel

I’m afraid it’s out of warranty, so it’s too risky. Sorry.

No problem, I totally get that!