Form 1 for sale in UK

Hello all.

I am sad to say that my Form 1 is up for sale. I have a new job and it is no longer getting the use it deserves.

What’s included in the sale:

  • A Form1 printer (not 1+)
  • 1x full bottle of Formlabs Clear Resin (1L)
  • 1x approx. 1/3 full bottle of Formlabs Clear Resin.
  • 1x approx. 1/4 full bottle of MadeSolid White Resin (1L) (early batch, see below)
  • All original cables
  • Cleaning kit, which includes everything you can see in the picture below + the Formlabs tupperware style box for soaking prints. The spatula is silicone and fantastic for mixing resin in the tray without damaging the PDMS.
  • Approx. 2L of Isopropyl Alcohol.
  • MDF base to stand the printer on if you want it.
  • Original packaging for the printer, but not the cleaning kit.
  • NO UK import tax!
  • I also have a spreadsheet detailing every print I have ever performed with this printer. It describes every success/failure (mostly success!), the amount/type of resin used, time it took, etc, etc. I can include that as well if you want it.

Ok, the resin trays:

I have 4. Two have been heavily used for clear resin prints and I think it is about time the PDMS was replaced. One was used for the MS white resin, which I backed on Indiegogo. It is a very early batch of MS resin and has clouded the tray, but is still printing successfully. The last one I bought used with a damaged PDMS layer. The plan was to replace the PDMS but I never got round to it.

Basically everything included in the sale will allow you to get printing immediately, nothing else should be needed. I have had a pretty good success rate with the printer so far (which you can see in the spreadsheet) and have been very pleased with the quality of its output.

The printer is currently in Chichester (~40mins east of Portsmouth), but could also be collected from Shoreditch in London if preferable. I would much rather the printer was collected than shipped.

I’m looking for £2100 for everything listed, but I’m open to (sensible) offers.


I wasn’t sure if those little cracks where there when I bought it or not. I’m pretty sure they were, but I thought I’d upload this picture anyway.

Formlabs Clear resin

MadeSolid White resin for the body (painted), Formlabs Clear resin for the tip/pointy bit.

Hi Andrew,

I’m interested in your Form1 and would like to talk to you about it, I just joined and can’t seem to find the PM button anywhere, could you drop me a PM or let me know how I can get in touch with you. I’m based in the UK, in Northampton so collection would be fine.