Upgraded Form 1 for sale

Hi everyone, I kind of don’t like that I’m doing this, but I am planning on parting ways with my Form 1.  I had some business plans in mind that haven’t really panned out.  Plus me and little lady are getting to close to starting a family and I could use a bit more money right now more than a printer.

I just received a replacement printer this week, which I believe has new Form 1+ part inside.  The back label says “Factory Reconditioned Form 1+”.

It may be a Form 1+ internally, but it does not appear to have the new style resin tank.  I believe this will come with a new warranty.

The printer is still factory wrapped.  I just opened the main packing box to check it out.   I can send photos if you’d like.

What’s included?

Form 1+ (not including new resin tank, but DOES include brand new original style tank and brand new build platform)

Form Finish Kit - used, but I kept in nice shape.  All parts are included.


1X used build platform - In great condition

1X brand new resin tank (that leaves you with a total of 2 brand new resin tanks!)

1X used resin tank - I’d just use the new ones, this one has been used a lot and probably needs to be replaced soon anyway.

1 liter of FormLabs Clear resin - Unopened!

Asking price: $3300 + shipping (UPS or FedEx)

Interested?  Please e-mail me with serious inquiries only:   dagroid@yahoo.com

Why did I have to send my Form 1 back in the first place?  I had some sort of mishap when updating firmware and my machine ceased to turn on.  FormLabs support was great and got me hooked up with this new machine.  Now I feel bad for trying to sell it :(   Please don’t hate me FormLabs!!