Lightly Used Form1+ for sale in Northern California $1100

Selling an upgraded and fully functional factory reconditioned Form 1+.
This Form1+ printer has been well cared for in an office environment.
It has a total of about 20 hours of print time on it (best guess). No issues with this printer, just selling it to make space in a small working environment. Still have the original packaging.

Below is what is included in this offering:

  • 1 Form 1+ SLA 3D Printer
  • 2 Build platforms (Both slightly used)
  • 2 Form Labs Resin tanks (2 are in good condition, but the other 2 have some cloudy areas on the optical surface and could benefit from a good cleaning)
    -1 Prototype Glass bottom resin tank (used and in good condition)
  • 2 x 1 L Grey Version resin (FLGP02), Mostly full bottles.
  • 0.9 L Tough Version (FLTOTL01) estimate 2 resin
  • 1 Wide plastic putty knife FormLabs issue
  • 1 Power supply cable
  • 1 USB cable
  • 1 IPA squirt bottle
  • 1 Cleaning station
  • 1 Cleaning station bin (One for IPA)
  • Form 1+ Quick Start Guide

PM me if seriously interested, thank you!

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Hello is this still available? Would you be able to do shipping to NYC? Any issues with the printer? Thanks :slight_smile:

SOLD 2 days ago.

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