Form1+ printer (not one year old) for sale #HOT# $500.- for all

We are not happy about our printouts and will sell our nearly new Form1+ printer with 3 plates and all Resin bottles (clear/black/white/strong/flexible). Just as it is. With official claims of quarantee of formlabs.


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I’m an Industrial Design student looking to purchase a Form 1+. But that price point is a little too steep for my wallet. I may be interested if the price is lower. I would like to use the printer to do some rapid prototypes. Let me know if you decide on a different price

That is what we paid in material and device. Make me an offer. Stuff is simple used as it should be used. For example the Resin bottles are open for test but new and some nearly 90% filled. Two of the Resin tanks are used by default (no scratches from us) but when you print out stuff it can make areas un-transparent and you should avoid to print out at the same place. One of them is used one time only and came from new order. Third resin tank is fine. The original box is available as well as all documents from Formlabs. We bought it on 5th of June 2015 and got replaced device from Formlabs one month later in case of defect of first printer.

Form 1+ Complete Package w/ Clear Resin    F1-P-PKG-C      
Form 1+ 3D Printer         1 
Form Finish Kit         1 
Clear Resin         1 
Black Resin     RS-B-01    1
Grey Resin     RS-GPGR-02    1
White Resin     RS-W-01    1
One-year warranty
Incl. Shipment
Incl. Tax

Later ordered: Tough Resin + Black + Resin Tank

€2200.- as it is. Pick it up and take all with you. We recommend to clean all from bottom, buy one new Resin Tank plus new Resin bottle before first printout.

No one interested to make any offer? I want to get rid of this device as fast as possible.

$500.- ?? anyone? just take all and take all of my mind. $500.- completely with all from Formlabs we have.

Hey Timo,

Send me a message at Justinhockey at gmail dot com. I’m interested at that price.


Shipping an option?

Thank you for your interest.
Next monday we have meeting about who can pick it up. I don’t want to discuss about items over the internet. So we fully prefer to not ship it. Otherwise it can take again our time.


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