For Sale: Form1+ $1500 USD -- SOLD --

Hi all,

For sale I have a newly serviced fresh and unused Formlabs Form1+.
Looking for anyone in the USA (east coast would be nice but not a deal breaker).
You pay shipping and I will throw in a few bottles of resin for free.

The cost new is: $2799.
I am selling it for: $1500.

I have spoken with Formlabs who have assured me that the warranty for service and customer support are tied to the machine serial number not its owner, so this machine is under full warranty.

Here are some things I have created with this machine (painted after printing.):

Why am I selling it?

I am selling it to help cover the cost of its bigger brother the Form2.


Hi Brian,

I was considering buying a new Form1+ but your price is very good :smile: . I’m going to use it in jewelry models making but I need answers for some questions, did you print in Castable resin with it before?

Hi Mohamed,

My work with the form1+ has been entirely in the area of miniature model making and painting. I have used the clear resin exstensively, which I really like because you get a great idea of what is happening inside the model. The grey and black I’ve used on a limited basis mainly for more typical maquette sculpure prints and specifically the black for some very small parts which printed very well.

Regarding jewelery work and the castable resin, I unfortunately have no experience with them. Although there is a lot of information in the forums here.

As for the price, yes it’s extremely low and I expect to sell quickly. Also though there is some additional information that I have been asked by other interested parties:

  1. The 1 year warrenty started on June 5th of this year, and is bound to the machine regardless of its owner.

  2. The finishing kit is my original kit from 2+ years ago, so it is obviously showing its age. I would be glad to ship it as well, however I would like to note that most of the components can be purchased new from a hardware store for roughly the same price as the shipping cost of the additional package.

Let me know if I can answer any more questions, thanks,

Hi Brian,

Is this printer still for sale? I am in California and would be glad to pay for the shipping and if you can accept Paypal Credit.


Hi Kelly,

Yes it is, and Paypal will be just fine. I will message you directly and we can work out the details.


Sounds great, I am at ksuyemoto at gmail dot com.

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