Form2 basic package for sale (US) : $1800 — SOLD —


For sale is my Form2, perfect condition, never used 3d printer, basic package.
The printer was purchased for a project that never came to be. It has been opened, but never used.
The resin it shipped with has expired, as is the warranty.

Considering the warranty has expired, and the release of the form3, I have tried to set the price fairly for a machine in this condition at $1800 usd.

Price : $1800.
Condition : is as new, never used.
Payment : excepted by paypal (I pay fees).
Shipping : I will cover from New York to anywhere in the continental US.

Here are some pictures of my Form2 for sale:

For reference, I have previously sold my Form1+ on the forum:

Thank you,

Price drop from 2200 to 2000.

Price drop to 1900. :sunny:

price drop 1800 :muscle:

Send you a PM

In which city are you located?

Hi Javier2, East Coast

PM sent

PM sent

Hi Brian
I want to be sure that the printer is working. One option is meeting in a public place. I work at Michael Furniture the address is 5949 Pacific Blvd, Huntington Park, CA 90255. We can meet there to do the transaction. My phone number is 323-353-0718

I can meet you there today afternoon evening or tomorrow morning.


Hi Gerard,

I think we should discuss the details in private messages. I have sent you a couple. Do you know how to check and reply to direct message on these forums?

If not I can show you, thanks

Sorry, I’m new to the site. How can I send you a private message?

In the top right corner of the screen, you will see your profile icon, if you click on it, you will see 3 icons appear underneath it. The icon in the middle looks like and envelope, click it, an that will take you to your messages.

You will see message there from me, that you can reply to, which will keep our information exchange private.

Give it a try by replying to one of my messages. Then I will reply and we will have a private message thread.


Hey BrianAnderson. Is it still for sale? I’m very interested.

Yes – i’ll PM you some details

hi Brian,

I was just following up on this. Is the printer still available?


Yes it is — however I am on vacation now for a couple of more weeks.

Hi Brian - that sounds good. Please DM me closer to the time when you are back so that we can coordinate.

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Back from 3 weeks off – printer is up for grabs!

I’ll take it if it is still for sale. Please PM about shipping and payment details. Thanks!