Form 2 for Sale $400

I am looking to part ways with my Form2. I bought it used “for parts” and I fixed it myself. Everything but the resin tray is in good working order. But that being a consumable is par for the course. Message me here if interested. I have added the ebay link if you want to see pictures. Pictures include printing in action, and some items it had made. Looking for $400 or best offer.

![Form 2 Printer|375x500](upload://pDr5svZVOi6LZ225qKiRaaaffUt.jpeg)
![AirTag Sleeve|375x500](upload://3AV3P4N0UvaWeEny4DRi83IvCTQ.jpeg)
![Ender Cooling Duct|397x500](upload://nC1lKrBYvHKlZtk5uuSaNmC8xda.jpeg)

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