Form 2 For Sale w/ lots of resin

I have a very lightly used Form 2 for sale with a large selection of resin.

2x Flexible
3x Clear
2x Black
2x Grey
1x Tough

We bought it for prototyping purposes but ended up getting some larger and and more industrial printers, leaving it underutilized.

Asking Price is $4,000

Do you mind if I ask what is the industrial printer you got? Also, for how long have you been using your Form 2? The price is very tempting.

Sure, happy to help. We use a Dimension 1200es SST now, most of the parts we produce fit inside the build envelope and the FDM process is adequate for the resolution we need. In a perfect world we would keep both, but we cannot give up the The Form 2 has been in our possession for a few months but doesn’t have more then 10 hours of printing on it. The price is very competitive considering there is well over 1k of unopened resin included. There is also a Pro service Plan associated with the printer, I think its transferable.

Let me know if you have other questions.

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Hi do you sell the resin and tanks? I have interest and where are u located?

My email:

Currently talking with a potential buyer, will update with resolution.

Printer has been sold. Thanks for all the interest!

Where are you located? Do you ship?

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