Form 2 resins and LT tank

Pretty sure I have my Form 2 sold (I’ll include it in the listing in case deal falls through) but I have some items that need to go as the pending buyer of the printer already has a fleet of printers and resins, consequently not needing what I have.

Here’s a breakdown of what I have and prices.

Shipping in US only and is NOT included in price.

-Form 2 Printer - $1600 (SALE PENDING)

-2 x V4 1L White Resin (never opened) - $100/each

-1 x V2 1L White Resin (never opened). Probably 2.5 years old - $60

-1 x V4 1L Clear Resin (been using it for testing printer. About 3/4 or more full according to Preform, I will verify and adjust price if need be) - $60

-1 x V1 1L High Temp Resin (opened and used about 10%) About 2 years old - $75

-1 x 1L Durable Resin (Purchased 1/31/17 and never opened) - $70

-1 x LT Resin tank that has about 100mL of prints volume on it -$80

Some of the resins are obviously a bit old, hence the price cut.

Just ask if you have questions.

Where are you located. What’s the condition of the form 2

PM me please

I’m in Kentucky. The Form 2 is in good shape aside from a crack on the hood in the usual place. However, the sale is pending as stated. I’m looking to move all the resins, etc.

Can you sell me the white V4 resin?

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You in the US? I sure can.

Yes, PM me your email and I will get back to you.

The Form 2 and the white V4 resins are sold.

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