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Selling Form 2 with Resins and Cartridges

I am prepared to sell my used Form 2 with quite some Resins and Resin Tanks. The printer was well taken care of. But as all Form 2 hardware I started giving less and less reliable results. I am tired of the constant cleaning of the main mirror and the galvo mirrors so we bought and Asiga UV max. As for this one I am prepared to sell it since we are such a small lab and Asiga is so fast I have no use for it …
List of items for sale:

  • Formlabs Form 2

  • Resin Tank Orange v

  • High Temp Resin with LT Tank

  • Grey V4 Resin with LT Tank

  • White Resin with LT Tank

  • Temporary C&B A2 with LT Tank

  • Stainless Steel Build Platform

I am located in Slovenia but can ship anywhere within Europe. Would be prepared to sell for 1700 €. Price is still a bit negotiable.

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