Looking to sell Form2, EU buyer only

Selling my Form 2, in good condition, last few prints failed - dust on galvos. Since I don’t have time to make a repair, I’m offering a big discount for the buyer willing to deal with the cleaning of optics. Everything else is working fine. Never ever resin spill. In a bundle, I’m selling two liters of Grey resin (standard), three LT resin tanks (green) and one regular (orange) tank. As a bonus gift - two platforms extra. Price is 2000 € (bank transfer) - we will send you Invoice + shipping.

little bit pricey for used and cleaning optics. Where is location in eu and what is bottom price?

Hey Komy,

there are more than 900 € in resin tanks, resin and spare platforms. We are located in Croatia, and yes, for serious buyer we can set bottom to 1850 € + shipping, (no VAT since we are not in VAT system).

Are you croatian? I wanted to sell my form 2 also, but I am overly attached in 3D and 3D printing, if you get me good deal maybe I buy it :smiley:

Yes, I’m croatian. In my opinion, I gave you a good deal, refurbished directly from Formlabs is around 2800 €. My last offer stands, and you get 3 LT tanks (new), 1 orange (new), 2 ltrs of grey standard, and two build platforms extra. That’s almost 700 € in material, and 200 € in build platforms…

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