Selling all consumables and Formlabs stuff i have

Hi everybody!

I gave my Form 2 back, because i was not happy with it and now i am selling all my consumables and rest pieces i have for a extremely low price! The resin is an “add on” because most of it is not new, opened and also outdated, i will not charge any money for it. But it still works, is usually extremely expensive and its free. So you can make a lot of experiments with it.

What i have:
-4 cartridges of resin. Grey V3 1/2 full, black V3 and castable V2 nearly full and clear V2 never opened (was originally delivered with the printer)

  • 2 build plattform. 1 as good as new and one used about 30 times, thatswhy it is sanded.
  • grip for build plattforms
  • 5 exchanged glasses for the form2. I got them from the support team during the support error exclusion process, because my main glasses allways becom foggy after a while.
  • 4 tanks. 1 brandnew and 3 allways only 1 or 2 times used and cleaned. They also only were used because of support process to exclude them from the main error the printer had. so they are practically new too.

New all this stuff (resin and glasses not included) would cost about € 500,- If you give me € 150,- i am happy.

If you are interrested please PM me or e-mail me via

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!


I am curious are you running a humidifier or air purifier by chance? Cause I am noticing that both my brand new resin tank and glass where laser shines through are foggy. It been interesting to see what’s causing these things to cloud up like this.

Do you have an estimate for shipping cost to Croatia?

Hello, Christof! I have sent you an email!

Hello g4hsean!

The fog on the window was caused by a bad glue from the foil when the form 2 was delivered. It was a problem in their production process. At least that was what they told me. But in my case it was only one of many problems. Hope your problem can be dissolved by the support!


Thank you all for all your interrest and your very nice e-mails and PM´s! The package is sold :-). Have a nice day everybody!

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