Form 2 with lots of extra’s for sale in europe!

Hi There,

I have a Form 2 for sale + Materials (Europe the Netherlands) printer in pristine condition! The reason for selling, Thought i could ramp up production using another sla 3d printer. But my business has grown, my customer base is more interested in (3d motion graphic design content) instead of 3D prints from this 3D content. Its mostly sitting idle thats a shame if somebody lets this printer do wat its do best for making superb 3d prints! For future occasional 3d printing i shall quote some one on 3d hubs!

The following products are sold with the printer!

  • Form 2 3D Printer
    -Clear Resin Cartridge (Form 2, 1/3 full of resin)
    -Clear resin tank (used with the clear resin cartridge, little bit of foging in the tank)
    -build platform (used with the clear resin original from printer)
    -Finish Kit (Form 2 Never used totally clean/new, used an ultrasonic cleaner i had laying around)


*(the following materials are all new in packaging never used/opend)

-Resin Tank (Form 2) 6 X
-Build Platform (Form 2) 1 X
-Clear Resin Cartridge (Form 2) 1X
-Grey Resin Cartridge (Form 2) 1X
-Tough Resin Cartridge (Form 2) 1X

-Warranty on it is good until March 2017!

no problem Warranty is fully transferable

Formlabs says, We want to make sure all Form 1+ and Form 2 owners get the most out of their investment.

Exclusive Shipping cost (europa,)

Asking price is € 4000,- or best offer.

here are some mugshots of the Form2 + extra’s
for interrest just send me an email:

regards Marcel Kerkmans

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