Used Form 2's for sale ($1,950 - Price Cut)


I’m looking to sell three of our Form 2 printers before moving to a new facility. These units were used lightly in production for roughly one year. We can provide test prints and videos of each machine working prior to sale to verify that they are in full working order. The machines will be shipped in their original packaging. We can meet you in New Jersey for a pickup or ship them at an additional cost.

List Price
The current list price for a refurbished unit from Formlabs is $2,850.
Our Prices
$1,950 - One (1) unit. (Savings of $900.)
$3,900- Two (2) units. (Savings of $1800.)
$5,850 - Three (3) units. (Savings of $2700.)

Huh, I could have sworn that you could by a new Form 2 for $2850 but looks like all they offer now is refurbished? Can one even buy a new Form 2?

They are only selling refurbished now. Not sure if they are actually out or just trying to push Form 3 sales. Form 3 delivery is also backed up to September.

You can from distributors. I know we still have stock on Form2’s, I’m sure a few others do too.

Price reduced, one printer sold.

Do you have a form cure for sell?

Does anything come with the printer? Tank? how much to ship to northern cali?

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Any unopened resin tanks or vats for sale?

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