BRAND NEW Form 2 Printer, Cleaning Kit and Materials for Sale in Orlando, FL

I am selling one of my Form 2 3D printers and cleaning kit, along with 2 build platforms, 1 resin tank, 1 LT resin tank, and 10 months remaining warranty. I purchased 2 Form 2 printers in February for a project that has since been completed. During my project one of the printers stopped working properly and thus was replaced with a completely brand new printer under my warranty. I received my new printer late March, 2018. This printer has only been used for 2 small prints for testing. I no longer need the extra printer.
I’m asking $4,000 - $5,000 depending on what items you would like to purchase. You can customize the bundle. Free pickup from downtown Orlando, Florida or free shipping within the contiguous United States.
Please contact me on the forum or at
Thank you!
Scott Sabens
Orlando, Florida

Most likely that is a refurbished printer, and all those items bought with a new printer would be less than $4000…May want to lower the price, also is one located in FL and one in CA?

Hi Lonnie,
Thanks for the reply. There are 2 posts (California and Florida) for the same printer. I am located in San Francisco currently, but will be relocating to Orlando in approximately 3 weeks where it will be if I’m unable to sell it before my move.
If you shop on the Formlabs store for all items including:
1 - Form 2 Basic Package
1 - Resin Tank LT
1 - Standard Resin Tank
2 - Build Platforms
1 - Pro Service Plan
Plus taxes, fees and shipping…
The total comes to $5,064.54 in California and $4,749.50 in Florida.
Closer to $4,000, or slightly less, seems appropriate, giving a $750-$1,064 discount, depending on location.
If you’re interested, I’m happy to discuss any bundling options of these items to reduce costs for you.
Thank you!

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