Gently used Form 2 for sale!

Hi guys,

Anyone in the SF Bay Area looking to increase their printing throughput? I have a gently used Form 2 for sale that can be yours!

Everything works great and there are no issues with the operation of the machine. We just don’t use it very much and there are some features of the Form 3 that we just can’t live without so we are looking to upgrade.

I have a spare finishing kit I can through in as well.

The perfect printer for a startup!


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Hi David, i’m still trying to figure out a fair price, but I think around $2,200 or best offer would be great. I also have 7 lightly used resin tanks i’d thrown in.

yeah i got mine for $2000 and regret that i didn’t asked the seller for opticsTest photos.

this should be mandatory when selling used printers.

I agree, and i’d be happy to do that as well as any test prints anyone would like!

That’s a good data point as well. Thanks! I think $2,200 is fair if I thrown in a finishing kit, and 7 tanks.

yeah $2200 sounds good price i assume. when you send it out, use the official instruction how to package the printer.

i received mine on a small cardboard pallet. that was pretty secure on it. in that case delivery guys cant throw it. only pickup with pallet-jack

Perfecto. I actually have the original box still! Ideally it’s someone local also so they can observe the printer in action before buying.

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