Form 2 and Cleaning Kit for Sale in the USA

I’m selling my Form 2 with original boxing, cleaning kit, durable resin and build platform that has been slightly used. The printer is in great condition, only used a handful of times. Asking for $2500.
PM me for more details.

Hey I am very interested in buying your printer, please email me at Thanks!


I am interested in the form 2 printer that you have for sale. i have a few question:

how old is it?
how many prints have been processed on it
is it under warranty?
why are you selling it?
do you have pictures of it?
your price of $ 2500…what all does it include
what method of payment would you be willing to accept?
I hope to hear back from you soon


-I purchased it in December 2016, no longer under warranty.
-A screenshot of the Usage Data file is attached to this message (Aprox 500 hours of usage)
-Paypal would seem to be the easiest, I would receive the payment first and then will ship it out to you the same day payment is received with a tracking number.
-I am selling because I don’t use the printer as much as I would like to, being that I am occupied with school and work for the most part.
-Includes the printer with original packaging, tough resin with about 70% left, and cleaning kit.

Thanks for the info… $2500 seems a little high considering I can get a brand new printer with warranty for approx $3300… any negotiations on the price? You can directly email me at to discuss… also does it come with the following?

Form 2 3D Printer
Resin Tank
Build Platform
Finish Kit
PreForm Software


I private messaged you

I sent you a private message

Sent you a pm

I am interested. Please let me know if it is still available?


Yes it is still available.

call or txt me 6465848007

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