Selling one or two Form2 Machines if local make offers!


Hello everyone figured I would get the jump on selling either one or both of my Form2 Machines as I wait for accessories for my Form3. I want to start off by saying I’m not desperate to sell either machine just don’t need both and would rather someone else have a good machine for less than what they cost new or refurbished (since that’s the only way you ca buy from FL now.

For both machines I am looking to get about 4200.00 plus shipping and any fees if you use PayPal.

the whole package would include about 4-6 Resin trays as they wont work with my Form3 ( at least 2-3 are working LT tanks) a build plate for each machine and the manual wash station/tools. Some of the tools have been used some are new.

None of the machines have any major damage or blemishes maybe a small scratch or splashes on the orange uv cover. No cracks to the UV cover on either machine and I still have the plastic on the LCD for each one.

One was purchased in 2017 this is my oldest machine and its out of warranty but still printing flawlessly.
The second Form2 was shipped out 10-22-2018. So it has about a month of warranty left.

No Resin included with the sell

Buyer pays shipping and any fees. It would be great to sell to a local person who could pick them up. I also have the original boxes to ship them in.

Located in Forest Park ,IL 60130


I would be interested in both at $3,200. With a refurb from Formlabs/Dynamism coming with a full 12 month warranty at $2850 and the cost of sending any unwarrantied printer to be fixed at $830 returning with a 60-90 warranty. I do not understand why people (and some people do pay more on ebay) would pay more than $1,600.


Thank you for your interest but from what I’ve seen with the additional components they can sell for more than that. If not I’ll wait until I am in a position where I have to sell before going that low.


We have 2x Formlabs Printers that were purchased in August. They are no longer needed (and only used for about 30 prints between the 2). Will accept $3,200 for both of them if you pick up in Rockton, IL.


Lol thanks for using my thread to make your sell haha hope you get the sell off of it.


machines still for sale while my production is slow. See the below announcement from FL. Contrary to typical belief the form2 is still the best machine available from them At the moment


here is a current prints from my oldest F2 for Sale!




Friendly bump especially with the non compatible resins for the form 3!

Also one machine has been tested and packed up ready to go to its new home!


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