Form 2 for $1100 (SOCAL Area)


Form 2
Only runs in Open Mode because the machine is throwing a “Resin Sensor Error” message, otherwise, the printer runs really well. There’s also a slight crack on the left side of orange cover. It’ll come with two build plates, one slightly used resin tank, FormLabs clear and grey resins, black and flexible Apply Lab Works resins, and the original box.

Form Wash and Form Cure
I also have a slightly used Form Wash and Form Cure both in brand new condition. Selling these two for $900 together. Price also includes all of the original tools that came with the Form Wash and Form Cure and the original box.

Willing to sell all of these together for $1900.00

Please PM if you’re interested. I will also respond to any questions you might have in this thread as well.


Are you willing to ship? I am in Michigan.


I’m willing to ship. I’ll have to get back to you on the shipping cost.


Would you ship to Massachusetts?


I checked shipping on UPS website and they’re sort of pricey to ship with. Not sure if I did it correctly but will try again later today.

@dkmecik quoted for $97 to ship to Michigan.

@Coynero quoted for $110 to ship to Massachusetts.


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