Form 3+ Complete Package + Extras

Hello All!

Up for sale is my very lightly used Form 3+ Complete Package with some extras. Additional details below. Please let me know if you have any questions. Feel free to shoot me a text: 224-275-0272, I’m George.

  • I purchased this bundle brand new earlier this year directly from formlabs and is still under pro warranty.
  • Perfect working order with no known issues or defects.
  • Only 9 prints total. I purchased this printer for my side business and unfortunately needed to put things on hold due to the demands of my day job.
  • I have the original packaging and willing to ship within Conus.
  • Includes: Formlabs 3+ printer, Form Wash, Form Cure, Finish Kit, Build Platform 2, 2x grey resin (brand new), 1x clear (901mL left), 1x Tough 1500, 2x used resin tanks (clear + tough).
  • Asking $3500.00 OBO + shipping if applicable. Local pickup available, located in Northwest Chicago, IL Suburbs.

why don’t use them for hobby and personal use?

I truly wish I had the time to utilize the printer, but my day job takes up the majority of my time. I’d love to see this printer bundle go to a home that’ll put it to work!

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