Form 2 for Sale - Great Condition

This is a barely used brand new Form 2 3D printer. I received it brand new from Formlabs in November 2019. I was able to make only a few prints before I had to move my design office at which point it was put in storage and has not been used since. It is in excellent condition. I do not have a need for it and it is for sale.

The 3D printer is available for pickup in the western Connecticut or eastern Massachusetts area, or can be shipped…No international shipping.

Original Price $3,499.
Asking Price: $2,100 Shipping is included.


  • Build Platform
  • Form 2 3D printer
  • Finish Kit
  • Cords, manual
  • Original packaging
  • PreForm software available on Formlab website.
  • Shipping Included.

Not Included:

White Resin Cartridge (GPWH04). Partly used. No charge.

Please reply to this if interested,
Thank you

Hello, I am interested in this 3D printer, I am NY based, do you have any pics? Will the printer have any form of warranty if purchased?
Thank you!

Hi there,

Ive added some pictures to google drive here:

As far as the warranty, the Formlabs warranty expires after one year however the machine has barely been used. Formlabs has an excellent service team that is always able to help you over the lifetime of your printer. From their website “The Services team is available to help you troubleshoot printing problems and to keep you printing throughout the lifetime of your printer.” There is also a paid Pro Service plan where you can get extra support if that’s a concern.

Ok cool, I am traveling for the holidays and I get back to NYC Jan 4. Assuming I go ahead with the purchase where would it be shipping from? And please remind me if shipping is included?
Thank you

Yes shipping is included and it will be coming from Sharon Connecticut which is two hours north of NYC. May I ask where in NYC?

Brooklyn zip code 11207

Good morning! How do you want to take payment?

Happy new year!

We can use Paypal if that works with you. Any fees incurred in the transaction should be paid by the sender. I am currently away and on Monday the 4th I will contact you and we can make the payment and ship the printer then. Thank you!


I can ship the printer to you on Wednesday the 6th. You can send payment anytime before then. Please email me at so we discuss payment information and shipping. Thanks

Oh hey! Andy I had no idea it was you… How are you doing? This is Christian from Cooper (Greek guy… not sure if you remember me)

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