Brand New Form 2 for sale + tons of new working tools (warranty till April 2017)

I’m selling an amazing Form2 complete with all the original accessory and much more.
The printer still has 6 months of warranty, bought in late April 2016 and barely used since then.
In fact it comes with the original tank and still 200ml of original first bottle clear v02 resin.
The reason of selling is really simple, as I’m moving abroad with my wife due a work relocation. And unfortunately i can’t bring it with me, otherwise i would do. Especially because the few prints i’ve made come out perfectly without any issue.

Printer comes in an immaculate conditions, still the film on the touch screen and its own shipping box, wiith a tons of accessories for a worth of several £££.

Some of these are handmade specifically for the printer, like the handmade stitched leather cover, with windows that allow to see the tank and touchscreen while printing. An amazing light and dust cover.

Other accessory included, all brand new, are for example a set of wet sandpaper sheet from 400grit to 1500, sand block, 190 mesh paint filter, 3M reusable chemical mask, full bottle novus1 acrylic cleaner, UV laser pointer 405nm, 5L unused IPA alcohol + lots more in the formlab dual tanks, gloves, etc.

Additionally i’ve got a brand new sealed tank and resin that i bought as quick consumable to keep, (but of course, like all the other thing, won’t make any sense to keep after selling the printer) and would NOT come included in the price. However i can sell them for a discounted price.

The overall bundle comes at £2995. The additional sealed tank + clear resin at £169.

So to summarise, at £2995 you get:

  • Form2 in immaculate condition barely used
  • Warranty on it is good until April 2017!
  • all original accessory that normally would come with form2 if you buy from formlabs
  • handmade dust & light leather black cover with clear windows
  • new 5Litres IPA + 4Litres almost brand new in the dual finishing tanks
  • new full bottle novus 1
  • plenty of new 190 micron paint filter cones
  • new 3M reusable chemical mask
  • plenty of new 400 to 1500grit sandpaper sheets
  • new cork sand block
  • 405nm laser pointer for part curing
  • new sealed resin tank + clear resin at additionally £169

Due to the nature, high value, and weight of the product i prefer a collection in person. Also because of the high cost of insurance/shipping for this kind of value if shipped.
However we can discuss in the if you want to arrange your own courier to pick all this up.

Bank transfer payment before collection, or fast bank payment while collecting is preferred for peace of mind.
Alternatively Paypal payment just before/on collection can be used, but you need to add the silly 3.9% that Paypal charges.

If interested or for any question please write me directly at

Thanks a lot

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Might be a good idea that you mention that you’re based in London UK as you’d prefer the purchaser to collect?


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