Form1+ plus accessories for Sale (Belgium) - SOLD

Due to lack of use I am selling

Form1+ in good conditions about 2 years old (original box available).
6 platforms (2 new never used, 1 very good conditions, 3 very much useable just woth cosmetic scratches)
5 new never used and sealed trays. (I have two more used they can be sent or disposed of)
Some bottles of expired resins (can be taken or I dispose of) which in my opinion still works.
Cleaning stuff as from formlabs (except the spatula since it is broken).
I also have a handmade UV cure chamber, Works pretty well. Can be given or I dispose of it.

Price We will consider offers from 600+VAT (excl. shipping) or we accept swap with a new PRUSA MK2s kit

PS: For shipping, refer to TNT and it is at the receiver risk.

Please clean you box so I can pm you

It has been empty for a while … did you get an error?

yes, i’m trying again now.

Will you sell resin tanks and build platforms separately?

I rather sell all together since when i sell those separately, the incentive to for the printer is much less. Anyhow feel free to send me a PM with an offer in the worst case we throw the printer away.

Printer is still available. For Belgium I suggest picking it up or we can try to meet half way.
For shipping, please refer to the official weight from formlabs and to have an idea of the costs. This stuff is heavy.
The printer I can send it in the original package. The rest I need to get a proper box for it.

Bumped, still available.

Interesting :slight_smile:
I have some questions
The machine is good condition?
Can shipping to Hong Kong or China?
What is the price?
600 EUR?



Would it be possible to ship printer to Bosnia and Herzegovina?
You can contact me on to discuss details if you want.

Kind regards,
Amir Memic

The machine js in good condition. Works fine. It can be shipped anywhere just consider that shipping might be expensive (look at te parts weight and check for shipping costs from Belgium to another country).

The minimum offer I accept for everything (even when you prefer that i throw away some parts like the used trays) is 600 EUR plus VAT. VAT is not applicable if you have a valid VAT number in Europe. For outside of Europe I would need to check if it also not applicable to everybody, I think so.

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How much price for the VAT?
I want to buy.


Hi, if you are interested in selling some accessories separately, please contact me (in Italian if you want)… at PM
Thank you

Hi, I’m interested in the printer. Can you send me a PM?

Is this printer still available?

How can I make an offer for the complete package? e-mail?

kind regards

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